Yes, well, we’ll not go there that I made goodie #2 first, it made sense to me, okay? ;o)

I have chuckled at how many of us have done sewing kits for the mug rug and goodie swap, because I got the idea just after the assignments came out a few weeks ago, it’s just taken a while to make it into the fabric.  As soon as I saw a kit on another blog, I started designing my own, tweaking, tinkering and so on.  I cut the fabric when I cut the fabric for goodie #1, but didn’t get to sewing until yesterday.

I toyed with having a closure on it, as it’s trifold, but decided against it in the end as anything I could think of obscured the girl on the swing, and anyway, it held itself closed pretty well.

Opening it up, on the left there’s a divided pocket at the top, and a single open pocket at the bottom, which contains 5 buttons of the different little girls on swings from the fabric (just sticking up above the pocket in the pic)  The 2 spools of thread are held in with fabric covered elastic, and the scissors sit in a special little keeper.  I had toyed with putting a flap over the top, and also with putting a pincushion on this page, but decided against in the end, as there was the needlebook anyway.  In the needlebook are 5 leaf topped pins (shrink plastic again, I was having fun ;o) ) and 4 needles of varying sizes:

Flipping the needlebook over, you can see the 2 wee pockets on the back, 1 with a needle threader, and the other with safety pins, as well as a seam ripper in another fabric covered elastic strip.  There’s another hole for a pencil or marker pen or whatever the new owner would like :o)

Now I may just have made another one of these, which may find itself being offered up at some point, but I can neither confirm nor deny this ;o)