Well I managed to resurrect the bear as best I could.

Firstly there was some previous surgery that had to be undone:

That was just a bit of the surgery, and the further I went, the more I discovered, usually in black or green thread!

Next he had an evacuation of the most toxic foam ever.  I swear this is the stuff you find on banned lists everywhere these days, it was evil! (In front is just some of the surgery thread I removed)

And then he got turned inside out for a thorough examination, where it became apparent that most of his seams were, quite literally, hanging on by a thread.  His next introduction was to the sewing machine where I went round every single seam.

I just love how he looks like he’s dancing here lol

And here he is, done.  His eyes are not perfectly straight, but with all the patching I had to do in that area, it was the best I could do.  His nose is also, unfortunately, not perfectly straight.  There were a lot of hard bits in the fur around the nose seams and also a lot of very loose backing areas, so it wasn’t the same as working on new mohair or even new faux fur.  Still, I think he’s definitely a little bear with character now!

After this I had to take the hoover to the sewing machine and completely change my clothes because that orange toxic foam had crumbled and got in the seams, which then got everywhere.  I had to completely dismantle the sewing machine to get rid of it, it was quite revolting!

Anyway, once that was done I was able to sew my second bee block:

And to finish the first mug rug for the mug rug and goodie swap:

This could actually be for either of my partners with the colours, and you could possibly stretch their likes so that it would suit both of them too, but it is for partner #2 alone.

I have spent what feels like all day cutting fabric for the 2 goodies, my Amy Butler bag, a giveaway item and the Across the Sea QAL.  Well, other than the part when I was in town grabbing the fabric/zip/thread that I forgot the other day, and the part where I was talking to mum and dad on the phone, and the part when I was having a bath catching up on some magazine reading, and the part where I was making dinner and tomorrow’s breakfast and lunch.  Other than that it was ALL day ;o) Wonder what I will acomplish with all that fabric this evening…