I wasn’t going to ‘enter’ this because with precisely 1 quilt and 1 wall hanging under my belt (and the wall hanging was only finished last night) I thought I might be taking the proverbial!  However, Annabella took me firmly in hand, and for once I decided not to be contrary and obey her ;o)

This is the wall hanging I made for the Table Runner And Wall Hanging Swap that Jenna is running.  My partner confounded me slightly by stating one set of preferred colour choices, and then having an inspiration mosaic in totally different colours lol.  Anywho, she declared that she liked the pile of fabric I pulled, so that was a relief!  I got the feeling from her mosaic that she’s a modern sort of a girl, but I have to admit my thought processes were a little off-piste getting to this final design.  

With the colours my partner chose I just had visions of falling leaves, and then I thought for a bit of a twist I’d go for tumbling hexies.  I was originally going to have a tree in there too, but when I cut all my hexies out of paper and started playing about with layout I decided to forgo the tree, and just go for a pile of ‘leaves’ from the darkest colour in the bottom colour and working up.  For the ‘fluttering down’ part I graduated the colours from pale yellow down through orange, and quilted by stitching in the ditch around each hexie in a neutral colour before getting a spool each of red and orange variegated thread and did meandering ‘fluttering’ movement lines.  For the leaf pile I echo quilted each of the red hexies individually, and then echo quilted the ‘leaf pile’ following the top edges.

I do hope it fulfils the brief, this is my first ‘big’ design, and I’m slightly terrified!  (Please ignore the coat hanger holding it up, and the rather shockingly bad lighting, I’m afraid it’s now that time of year to go to work and come home in the dark :o/  )

Hope you go over to check out the rest of the entries, I’m definitely a tiny minnow in a very large pond of greatness, in fact, I might just be the pondweed ;o)