Technically this was happy mail yesterday, but I wanted to write that list before I freaked out completely forgot it!

Anywho, the first thing I opened was my 2nd parcel from the Mug Rug and Goodie Swap (bad little blogger, so desperate was I to see what had come I didn’t take a photo of the wrapped items, sorry!)  I got this lovely wee mug rug with the most amazing tiny pebble quilting, a pin cushion to match, and a little hexie needle book that may end up in my embroidery bumf to hold all those needles separate from the ‘normal’ needles (dare I admit that I found myself happily sewing bits onto a bear with a bent needle last night?!)  Wendy also sent me 3 postcards from Alabama (which I have actually been to, at least as far as Huntsville, where I had my first IHOP experience)

My 2nd parcel I’d totally forgotten about – this is what I bought with my $25 gift certificate for My Little Sunshine Handmade that I won at Craft Buds during their recent Book Month.  For those trying to work out what these are, through my awful photography, it’s 2 headbands made from elastic lace and fabric flowers (check out Ashley’s link above, her photos show them off better)

I’m going to add a tab for my list to the blog, not least because I remembered a few more things I have to do in the new year…