Well it was tortuous at work anyway!  Still, I was able to get out at lunchtime and pick up some graph paper so I can start drawing out my paper piecing blocks.  Did I mention that I’d signed up for another bee?  Piece Bee With You starts this month, and my first block is to be a girl in a dress.  I sketched one out on plain paper earlier, so tonight I’ll maybe get to drawing it up properly…

For Sew Bee Joyful, this month is also paper piecing (funnily enough for the same person that persuaded me into Piece Bee With You lol).  Lotti, from Lawson And Lotti has asked for blocks inspired by traditional British boys’ toys.  I saw this and just loved all the colours, so I hope the fabric she’s sending is something nice and bright :o)

I’ve also signed up for Jenna at Sew Happy Geek‘s Table Runner/Wall Hanging Swap, and this is my inspiration board for my partner (yeah, I actually got it the right way round this time…)

For anyone that knows my flat, you’ll be pleased to know I signed up for the wall hanging (being somewhat out of table space ;o) )  I’ve already got an idea for my partner, I just need to get it sketched up and work out sizes etc.
Right, I’m off to trace/cut out a bear to take to Skye, have a fab day!