Sorry I didn’t get to a Finally Friday this week, but my gran ended up being taken into hospital on Friday afternoon after she had a funny turn in the morning (which she didn’t tell anyone about for about 7 hours!), and which rather threw the weekend.  You’ll be pleased to know that she’s quite insistent that she’s fine, and that she doesn’t need to be there, but as she ended up coming in as the weekend started, they haven’t been able to hook her up to all the monitors that they want to, so it’ll be Tuesday afternoon at the earliest that she’ll get to escape.  

Anyway, I have managed to complete a few things:

Firstly the zippered pouch (as voted for by you previously) for the tutorial I’ll be guest posting on Sew Happy Geek later this week.  I’ve unashamedly dug out the Pips again :oD

35 Final-Pouch
Secondly, I got the first of my 2 October Bee Blocks finished – a girl in a dress for Piece Bee With You.  I may possibly have gone a little OTT on my very first paper piecing pattern, and there were some bits gave me fits!
Firstly I split her down to head/neck, body and legs.  I tackled the legs first, no bother.  Then the body.  Her dress bodice was fine, neck, straps and all, and then I came all unstuck on her arms and the white background next to it meeting the dress – ARGH!  Suffice to say, they are not machine stitched to the skirt.  They’re stitched, but by hand because I just couldn’t work it out!  Had I been less ambitious with my odd shapes, it would have been easy enough, I see now, but c’est la vie!  Finally her head.  Well, I ended up having to cut the pattern down further, but it did all go nicely together – phew!
Piece Bee With You October Block