I’ve got a winter bug, which struck me at work today, but I have company in my misery.

Yesterday my old manager dropped by my desk and a small bear climbed out.  Tedster belongs to his youngest, and he has been so loved and so stuffed with secrets that he’s run out of lullabies, and has a rather sore back:

He has been sent to me to replace his Brahm’s lullaby music box and sew up his back again, which will be a rather less messy resurrection that my last patient!

He sat down and had a long chat with Beatrix about his upcoming surgery, and then sent a note to Isabella about how well he had settled in:

I managed to get all my hexies cut for the Table Runner and Wall Hanging swap, doesn’t this look like a pathetic wee pile?

But I know it’s enough because I pinned it all out on the backing in paper, and numbered them all so I could use extra templates to make them up (yup, I’m that much of a geek!)

And speaking of geeks, you may remember I was due to be on Sew Happy Geek today, but I think the drugs have gone to Jenna’s head a little, and she’s had a date mixup!  Still, if you head over there today, you can see how my friend Allegory has made a pumpkin panel :o)