I hadn’t quite leapt on the sewing bandwagon when Sarah started her Summer Sewing challenge, but when I saw she was Winter Stitching, I decided I’d sign up, mainly so that I too could have a pretty mosaic at the end of the time showing all my finished work :o)

FairyFace Designs

The premise is quite simple, write a list of all that you have/want to do by mid March, and at that time show all that you accomplished.  I started writing a list the other day for a ‘getting to know you’ question on the Flickr group for Piece Bee With You, and realised my list was a tad scary.  Then I realised I’d forgotten a few things too…  Anywho, here it is:
  1. 1 commissioned teddy bear – almost completely sewn and ready for jointing and stuffing
  2. 1 teddy bear for a raffle at GYTBE – marked out on the fur and ready to go
  3. 1 zippered pouch tutorial for my guest blog post on Sew Happy Geek next week – I have most of the bits, and a plan, just need to make it and take photos this weekend!
  4. Bee blocks for Piece Bee With You for October, November, January, February and March – October is 2/3 complete
  5. Bee blocks for Sew Bee Joyful for October, November, January, February and March – I have fabric pulled for October, and a plan, but that’s it so far
  6. Wall hanging for the Table Runner and Wall Hanging swap – fabric is pulled, and wall hanging designed
  7. 4 redwork blocks for a special project – patterns are traced, and fabric and thread bought
  8. 2-4 cushion covers for my gran for Christmas (I’ll need to see how easy they are) – thread for Big Brother’s Little Brother (aka the overlocker) and cushion blanks have already been bought
  9. 1 bird mobile for my granny for Christmas – birds are cut out and ready to be sewn, twigs still need to be collected
  10. 1 dress for me for the Christmas party – I have fabric, and am planning to use the Party Dress book for the pattern
  11. 1 skirt for mum – all the materials are ready to go, just need to draw up a pattern using the Sew What Skirts book
  12. 2 skirts for me – fabric already on hand, pattern to draw using the Sew What Skirts book and notions to buy as requires
  13. Panda girl to finish
  14. 1 lunch bag tutorial – as this came 2nd in the poll I ran, although this might be a new year project!
  15. 1 skirt and tunic for me – another cord one, this time in burgundy, using a Burda magazine pattern, and a tunic that I already have all the fabrics etc for, and even have the pattern traced, from Sew Serendipity
  16. A large pile of bags.  I have loads of patterns etc drawn out, and piles of fabric, so I may be having a very merry January and February working on these :o)
  17. 1 coat for me – this may be totally pie in the sky!  I’d love to be able to make a coat from the pattern in Sew Serendipity in this fabric
    So not much on really…  Actually, I’m heartened by the number of things I’m already pretty much on top of, so lets hope work co-operates, and my time is managed as successfully as I hope :oD