Yesterday was the Scottish Bear Fair in Troon, just south of me on the Ayrshire coast.  It was a beautifully sunny day all day (although a tad chilly!) and there were plenty of visitors that popped in to see us.

This was my stall:

Bunch was the only one to find a new home, although there were others that came close.  They’re hoping to be snapped up in Sheffield now!

Tedster went out and played roving reporter – first stop was at Dawn James’ Hugs Unlimited stall. We thought this chap looked quite wise, but Dawn assured us he was quite, quite mad!

Then he popped round to see Steffi McIntyre’s Candi Bears.  There were bears that were doing all sorts of things on this stall, although Tedster did think that cosying up on the bench with a sweetheart would be quite a fun way to spend an afternoon.

Next it was off to organiser Lynn Bowie’s Madabout Bears stall where he met some rather elegant ladies:

Then he popped round to see Alison and Stephen Beal’s Haven Bears stall.  Tedster began to feel like he was in one of Gulliver’s kingdoms here, with all the tiny little bears.

And finally he popped by to see Susan at Bear Basics, after all, he had a new lullaby to pick up!

Whew, that was quite an adventure for a wee bear, we hope you enjoyed the tour!

While Tedster was roving around, another journalist, from the Teddy Bear Times came to interview LT, so we shall let you know in the unlikely event that her name ends up in lights ;o)

Now, should any of you wish to indulge in a little beary (or mousey) game of chance, pop over to see the lovely Cheryl at Bingle Bears, who has a fab giveaway of cute wee mouse Benvolio and his St Nicholas mug: