Well, perhaps not nothing exactly, this is me we’re talking about!  Anyway, this weekend I have nothing I have to do either today or tomorrow, which is about the first time in 2 months…  

I have spent a chunk of my day today reading several of the books which dropped through my door of late, armed with mini post it notes and pen, and getting tons of inspiration for all sorts of things, including quilts and bags.

First up was Jessica Levitt’s Modern Mix: 16 Sewing Projects That Combine Designer Prints and Solid Fabrics, 7 Quilts + Pillows, Bags and More:

There are some seriously ENORMOUS quilts in this book, but all are so fun and modern.  It’s easy to see how small parts of some of the quilts or other projects could be used in other ways.  That king size circle quilt on the front is amazing, but I doubt I’ll be making one any time soon unless I win the lottery – the solid for the front and the backing fabric requires 7 yards EACH!

Then there was the book pulled together by Suzanne Woods,  Modern Blocks: 99 Quilt Blocks from Your Favorite Designers.  

This has been touted around the blogosphere quite a lot of late, since the blocks inside are made by a pretty large collection of the great and the good in the quilting world.  I went every so slightly mad in this book with the post its.  SO many fab blocks, and with so many potential uses!  There is everything from the simplest of standard piecing, to multitudes of HSTs, to funky applique and cool paper piecing.

Then there was Emily Ciel’s latest book, Scrap Republic: 8 Quilt Projects for Those Who Love Color:

This book is worth building up your scrap collection alone!  Again I found ideas that were not just restricted to quilts, I mean couldn’t you see a fab cushion from that triangle quilt pattern on the cover?

Anyway, having lounged around for half the day a couple of hours, I decided I’d get my super secret project set up and ready to go.  Here’s a bit of it:

What, you thought you were going to get more than that? ;o)

Then I got busy cutting out the pieces from my purse kit I got earlier this month from U-Handbag.

I thought I’d give this a go before leaping in and trying to make my own sketches, but I’m going to veer from the pattern a bit as far as attaching the interior to the exterior goes (it will look more professional at the hinges, and is the method I’ve seen in many online tutorials)

I also cleaned up my sewing area, and got a kill two birds with one stone moment inspiration from the Amy Butler’s Style Stitches: 12 Easy Ways to 26 Wonderful Bags book which was lying at the end of the table.  A friend of mine is having a big birthday next month, and I’ve been planning to make her a bag.  I hadn’t decided what sort, but when I flipped through to see what the next bag was in the Stitch Along (which is back in January) I decided that it would be perfect.

I’m going to try shopping my stash first to see what I have in her favourite colours, and will hopefully get going on it tomorrow.

Now if you have any jokes up your sleeve (with a preference for the dirty ones) head over and see my friend Laura at Needles, Pins and Baking Tins who’s having a giveaway to celebrate (somewhat belatedly) her 200th follower.