Okay, I’m sorry there’s not been much sewing this week, but I’ve been finishing this little guy:

I’m afraid that’s all you get to see for now, as the lady who commissioned him hasn’t seen him.  He’s got gloriously funky fur, in a mad sort of ‘bad fur day’ but it totally suits him.

I did managed to get this done too, the first of my November bee blocks.  This is for Sew Bee Joyful, and I have a signature block still to do, but this was a nice, quick one to knock up to start with.  I hope that I got the centre right.  Corinne had asked if we had bird blocks to put them in the centre, but I got a butterfly.  It was huge, and didn’t really fit into either of our block options in its entirety, so I did a bit of unusual fussy cutting.  I wanted to get the name from the panel in though as I just loved the font.

Anywho, tomorrow I’ll be starting on my raffle bear for The Great Yorkshire Teddy Bear Event  He’s been marked out on the fur and fray checked for weeks, but I’m hoping he’ll come together pretty quickly…

Look what arrived this week though:

I fear I may get a little distracted (although I have to admit I did forget about it being here what with having to phone the police back about the murder when I got home the day I’d picked it up from the sorting office, so I’ve held out for 4 nights already!)
Finally, if any of you happen to be at a loose end, and fancy a trip to Troon, I’ll be at the Scottish Bear Fair at the Concert Hall on Sunday :o)