I should really have posted this yesterday so that you could get the fair post today, but alas, I was too busy plucking orange fur and partying the night away with my beary compatriots to get to it yesterday, so you’ll get the fair tomorrow instead ;o)

First up, the happy day, I’ve been featured today on the Weekend Roundup over on One Pretty Thing for my pouch tutorial (thank you Jenna for putting me forward)  Apparently I will be in a gift feature coming up on there too – yay!  She has links to so many fab tutorials on there, you have to check it out.

For the happy mail, I had quite literally a mountain of parcels yesterday due to the regular postie being on holiday and the cover not getting to the front door without the key to the close (not helped on Monday/Tuesday by the whole police cordon from the murder), so when the flatmate went up to the sorting office to pick up one thing that a card had made it through for on Friday, he came home with a sack full for me too:

To start with I had gone on a rare, ancient (and probably not exactly top of the hits list) DVD hunting mission last weekend.  I’m blaming Joyce for this, because in my hunt in the flat for the video of Hocus Pocus, I discovered a whole load of other old videos that I really wanted to see again.  Alas, most of them I had recorded from the TV, and/or watched millions of times in the ‘old days’ so they were in some cases unwatchable, thus my Amazon mission.  I got all I wanted at bargain prices (pretty much reflective of their ‘less than top of the hits list’ status ;o) ) but they ended up coming from about 4 different sellers, and hence 4 different parcels.  I’m not sharing a photo of this haul, I’m a little embarrassed at my DVD tastes lol

Then there was one book Modern Mix: 16 Sewing Projects that I had pre-ordered ages ago, and another, Sew U Home Stretch, that I regularly ordered from Amazon (while on the DVD spree, you know, as I was there…).   I loved the blog hop that surrounded the Modern Mix book, and positively salivated over that circle quilt on the front.  I saw the Sew U Home Stretch reviewed very favourably on another blog recently (that I unfortunately can’t remember right now, sorry!) and it looked ideal to use with my Campan jersey haul, the only challenge might be working out which of the many options to make up with which fabric!

Next up was my weekly Graze box – honestly, if you’ve never tried these before (and you’re in the UK), you must!  They send you fabulous portion controlled punnets of amazing nibbles every week, which absolutely make my working afternoons when 3 pm rolls around.  If anyone wants to try one, let me know and I’ll send you a free voucher code (I don’t get anything from this freebie except for your undying gratitude for introducing you to it ;o) )

Next up was a frame purse kit I’d ordered from U-Handbag.  Now this dispatched nice and promptly, and looks fab, but my one gripe is that for some unknown reason, when they take my address from Paypal, instead of being Glasgow, United Kingdom, it becomes Glasgow, England.  Now whilst I can just about forgive the ignorance of residents of other countries that don’t understand that England is not the same as the UK, I cannot forgive a company from Brighton!!!  I realise the border is a long way away folks, but seriously?!  It seems to come through as the UK on other sites, like US and Aussie ones, so why this one?

Finally there was a fabric order from Southern Fabric Store.  I was lucky this all arrived as by the time it got here, one end of the priority mail envelope had completely burst open, and the other was about 2/3 of the way there.  I had minor palpitations imagining a fate similar to Kat’s but by some almighty hand of fate, it was all there, and perfectly clean!  I did suggest in her feedback that she just charge an extra $1 shipping for a ziplock bag going forward though…  Please wipe the drool from your screens/keyboards as I catch up with the trends from, er, months ago ;o)  23 fat quarters of Tula Pink Prince Charming in 3 colour ways, plus a layer cake each of the Sweetwater Hometown and Cosmo Cricket 1934.  Funnily enough I used to love the scrapbooking paper from Sweetwater and Cosmo Cricket, so not entirely surprised I fell for their fabric too!  

Hope you all had a fab weekend :o)  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a bunch of new toys to play with bear to sew for a raffle…