I apologise for the lack of posts of late, but I’ve been busy trying to finish the raffle bear for Sheffield, and with my gran’s birthday last weekend.   

I gave my gran my ATS QAL quilt (my first ever quilt) and she couldn’t quite believe it!  There had been much subterfuge about the making of it, with one Sunday morning finding my mum and I crawling all over gran’s living room floor whilst she was at church trying to get the strips round the edge worked out (she has much bigger clear floor real estate than I have).  She came back rather earlier than expected, and so wasn’t allowed into her living room, nor into her kitchen shortly after as I frantically tried to get the border attached to the blocks while mum simultaneously held the bulk of it up off the floor, and watched through the glass door to ensure gran was still reading her paper!  She declared that she loved the feel of it, so glad I got that bit right! 

This week I really, really wanted to deviate off for a bit to play along with Amy’s Mini Quilt Challenge, and even started drawing out giant circling geese (don’t ask) but in the end I had to concede that it would just take too much bear making time up, given the Friday night at gran’s, Saturday trip to Loch Lomond followed by dinner out, and Sunday’s meeting with mum and dad for lunch and a tour round the Little Bird’s Market.  I even had these fabrics pulled, you like?  (Yeah, yeah, I know, you’ve seen some of these before, seriously, my stash isn’t that big lol)  I think I may yet get to those geese, perhaps as a cushion cover… 

This is the bright wee guy I’ve been working on (seriously, did you expect him to be a shy and retiring colour after last week’s pic?!).  He hasn’t had his stuffing holes in the seams closed yet, but he is otherwise fully sewn, jointed and stuffed.  I’m debating whether or not to give him mini yoyos or jingle bells down his front.  Answers on a postcard below please!  He also needs a name, any suggestions?  Plus, if you’d like the chance to win him, he’s being raffled as part of a larger bear raffle for the Sheffield Children’s Hospital, and I happen to know that Katherine is allowing people not able to attend TGYTBE this Sunday a chance to buy tickets online

I’ve also had a few useful deliveries this week, although it may not look terribly exciting, but trust me, it is!  The glue will go with some purse frames that are currently winging their way from China, the klona was a bargain from Remnant House Fabrics.  At Β£4.75/metre you can’t really go wrong, and it seems to be good quality.  I can see myself investing in more colours in the new year for the pouch/purse/bag making extravaganza I have planned.  And speaking of which, I also stocked up on some zips of assorted lengths from Zipit on Etsy, such pretty colours… 

My upcoming plans are to take the birds for granny’s Christmas pressie down to mum and dad’s/Sheffield for the weekend, as they’re a hand sewing project, and shouldn’t actually take too long.  Then when I get back next week, I have a signature block for Sew Bee Joyful and a couple of circling geese for Piece Bee With You to knock out…. 

Now, if you’d like the chance to win a ton of fabric, then head on over to see Lynne at Lily’s Quilts, because she’s hosting a giveaway of the biggest bundle of Kona Solids I have ever seen in my entire life!  This is part of her Christmas For Quilters series:
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