Right, I’ll just say it now, I have a chest infection and I’m feeling sorry for myself, so no matter how crappy any of today’s work looks, just don’t tell me, okay? ;o)

My finishes for the last week are:

My Piece Bee With You circle of geese and signature block:

My first frame purse:

My Sew Bee Joyful signature block:

And part 1 of my super secret project (pop over and see Alli and she can tell you all about how it’s horses in Arizona…)

I told myself that if I got that part of the super secret project done, then I could deviate for a day or two and play with something ‘off-list’.  Having the ick meant that today all I felt like doing was sitting there watching loads of things I’d Sky +’ed and sewing, so now I have a choice.  

I could tackle the 241 tote, that I got recently in Anna’s sale over at Noodlehead (after all, all of blogland can’t be wrong about this bag!).  I’ve got the pattern printed out at full size, 75% and 50%, so I can have nesting ones (or something like that :oD )

Alternatively, I could try out the pattern I dreamt up at work after I got distracted had a light bulb moment in a meeting (I’m attributing it to the Excel spreadsheet that was being projected, although I think my neighbour in the meeting probably wondered about the mad numbers I started scribbling down!)  Anyway, I now know exactly how I want to use this little lot (not all that white, I assure you!):

The next part of the super secret project is prepped and ready to go, and I have plans for it and the birds for granny on the train trip down south next week for the work Christmas do in Manchester.  My long suffering colleagues are used to my madness, what’s another freaky thing to embarrass them with, right? ;o)

This week I also want to start on my gran’s cushions, but that involves a trip to the fabric shop and Dunelm Mills.  I may go after I visit the doc’s tomorrow, so I don’t actually have to go out again over the weekend.  I also have to hit Tesco too – ugh!

I’m hooking up with:

   WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

(BTW, isn’t it nice that those buttons match?)