Okay, so it’s not my birthday for another couple of months, but I had a fear all the tickets to this would be gone by the time my Christmas bonus came in, and one short brainwave later and I had solved the problem neither of my parents realised they had about what to get me for my birthday, and that was a ticket to the Fat Quarterly Retreat in London next June.  I have also booked my bed at the Bates’ Motel (aka my aunt and uncle’s) so I’m all set for a fab weekend of fun with bloggy friends from all over the world :o)

Anywho, following a trip down south for the Christmas party on Friday, I got a bunch of part 3 of the super secret project done on the train on the way down, but due to a number of issues (including an asthma attack on the Friday night leaving a rather unfortunate alcohol-puffer interaction) I didn’t get any done on the way back yesterday… I spent about 12 hours asleep last night, and have spent most of today reading blogs, which rather crimped my cushion making plans for today, but hey, there’s nearly 2 weeks till Christmas, at least 4 days of which I’m not working, it’ll be fine… right?!

But I did get to work on planning these:

1st the purse to go in my friend’s birthday bag – not sure whether to throw any of the black linen in too, mebbes aye, mebbes no (as they say locally)  Your votes?

Then I’ve been thinking I might make my granny a bag.  She apparently loved the Blossom bag I made when mum and dad were visiting a while back, but I swore I was never making another of that pattern again!  I did think I might use the following fabrics to make her something though, with the orange and the grey as the outer and the white with the green as the lining print.  We shall see on that one though…

Then I’ve also been playing with the photocopier and my Modern Blocks book and am thinking of doing a large windmill using the colours below and some Kona charcoal.  That may have to wait till after Christmas, but if I’m a really good girl this week I might get it done (although who am I kidding, it’s Sew Mama Sew giveaway week, I’ll be trawling through every sewing blog going!)

Check back tomorrow for my giveaway item :o)