I think I overheard the most depressing sewing related conversation ever in Mandors the other day.  2 women were discussing fabrics that one of them needed to make a quilt for a baby boy.  She was choosing fabric for a log cabin quilt, and was going for shades of yellow.  The main problem that I kept overhearing was that for every fabric that her friend or the shop assistant chose, they didn’t fit ‘The Rules’.  The fabrics HAD to be dark on one side, and light on the other, that was The Rules, and she wasn’t allowed to break them, her teacher had told her so.  Her friend was getting frustrated, the shop assistant was getting frustrated, and I couldn’t find anything suitable either, ‘cos, you know, I couldn’t just stay out of it ;o)  I think part of the problem was the shade of yellow she’d chosen to start with (which was a butter cream colour), but honestly, we could not get her to understand that the world would not end, and the Gods would not be chasing after her with a giant seam ripper if she went for, say, yellow and blue.  She eventually got a couple of things, and her friend (and the shop assistant) breathed a sigh of relief, but I thought it was so sad that someone so new to quilting felt that she had to stick to this whole pile of Rules.  There may definitely be something to be said for leaping in with both feet online where you haven’t read a single Rule…

So, tell me, what’s the best/worst Rule story that you’ve heard?

And because I couldn’t leave you photo-less, here’s the little pile I was buying, partly for my x and + blocks (and no, you’ll be grateful to know, not all together ;o) ) and partly for another wee project in the new year.

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