If you stumbled across this post looking for the SMS Giveaway, it’s here.  If you’re planning to stick around for the rest of the post, can I just say AAAAARGH!  Only 11 days left, WTH?!  I was doing so well, I was so prepared and then… then I have no idea, life I suppose!  

Anywho, here’s the finish of the week.  The wee coin purse that is, you will recall the wristlet from last week…

These two will go to my friend tomorrow for her birthday, hope she likes them!

I have also been working on 3 other things that I can’t show you – 1 because the recipient lurks about here, and the other 2 because they’re not really in viewable bits.  I’ve started sewing my gran’s cushion covers.  I know the end result will look fab, but it’s a teensy bit soul destroying trying to do all those pin tucks!  Granny’s hasn’t got further than a pile of fabric *sigh*

Anyway, to perk me up from my head in sand approach to Christmas, I rescued some happy mail from the sorting office today.  First, my rainbow charms from the swap that Kati organised.  That’s 112 totally different charms there covering the entire rainbow, the woman deserves a medal for sorting that alone, never mind the huge amount of cutting she did too!

The other was the most beautifully wrapped parcel from Fabric Palooza (the purchase of which was entirely Katy’s fault).  not only did I get my Ty Pennington fabric (which I shall attempt to use for more sophisticated bags) but she threw in a magazine too, entirely free :o)

BTW, you don’t actually have to be named Katy/Kati/Katie to be associated with this post, but it helps ;o)

And finally a little PSA for anyone in the UK/Ireland with children with autism.  This was at the top of my weekly Odeon e-mail that arrived earlier, and I thought it would be good to share:

Sensory friendly screenings of ‘Happy Feet Two’, presented in association with Dimensions, will be taking place on Sunday December 18th at 11.30am in more than 60 cinemas across the UK and Ireland.

The screenings are recommended to anyone who would benefit from the subtle alterations made to the cinema experience, because of their sensory differences and because it allows them to attend newly released films with friends and family in an inclusive environment. Films are screened with the lights turned up, the volume turned down and with the trailers and adverts removed. People can feel free to move around the cinema or make a noise as they feel comfortable.

Cinema tickets can be purchased as normal from the cinema box office or online from Wednesday November 9th. Support workers / carers can attend for free with a CEA card. to find out more about the CEA card scheme and how to get one please visit www.ceacard.co.uk.

Dimensions is a leading provider of specialist support for people with learning disabilities and those who experience autism. To find out more, please visit www.dimensions-uk.org.

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