Okay, so hands up all of you with a project or two outstanding at the moment, you know, the thing you started and then got distracted by something newer or shinier.  Come on now, don’t be shy!  Ahem, you at the back there, yes, you, stop trying to kid us on that you are entirely up to date in your creative life!  That’s better, thank you.

Anyway, recognising that many of us may start the year with resolutions along the lines of ‘I must finish that crocheted plant pot holder I started for Great Auntie Mildred 4 years ago last Michelmas term’, Rhonda, over at Quilter In The Gap, has started a Finish Along.  This will run in quarters, and at the start of each quarter you sign up with a list of whatever projects you hope to get done that quarter, and at the end link up what you did to be in with a chance to win some prizes.  As well as participating, I’m writing a tutorial for it for one of the tutorial weeks planned, and my finished item will then become a prize for the next quarter.  I’ll leave you guessing as to what it might be (as that’s what I’m doing right now…)

2012 Finish-A-Long

With this all in mind, I gathered up all my UFOs (UnFinished Objects) and did an identity parade.  When Rhonda announced this initially, I thought I would be scraping around for things, and then I discovered I actually had 13 of the things while doing the grand reorganisation – oops!

Here’s my complete list:

First up, granny’s scarf.  This was meant to be part of her Christmas pressie, but I forgot to pack and take Little Brother down to mum and dad’s, so it didn’t get made then.  I’ll get it done in time for dad’s birthday weekend in a couple of weeks when I’ll see her, and I can get photos of her bird mobile too.

Skirt for mum.  This was requested back in September with ‘There’s no hurry’ but I’m feeling a bit guilty now!  I’m hoping I can get a muslin for it done for the birthday weekend so I can try it on her, then the final thing should be quick and easy…

You may be forgiven for having a ‘WTH?!’ moment here.  This is actually a dress (can’t you tell? ;o) )  I got this fabric back during the Royal Wedding weekend with the intention of making a shirred sun dress with it.  Guess what, Little Brother doesn’t shir :o/  So I tried to sew the shirring elastic in as the lower thread, and then to pull it tighter by hand.  Umm, yes, well, that turned out not to be a go-er really when I discovered that it sometimes got caught in the upper stitching – argh!  And so it was abandoned until I worked out what to do with it next.  I will need to unpick what’s there – I’m not really looking forward to that, but I’m assured that Big Brother can shir, so I’m going to get them to show me how when I finally take my lessons that came with him in a few weeks!

This is the constituent parts of a bugbear, the reverse colours of my birthday giveaway bear from last year, and started about the same time.  Alas, the day job rather intervened, and so it sat.

Then we have poor old panda girl.  I had something of a crisis of direction when I came to her feet, so she was set aside, and hasn’t been picked up since August.  I must get back to her this year!

This is a combined set of charm squares from both rainbow charm swaps I took part in last year.  Amazingly, considering there were 168 different possible squares, only 2 were repeated (and 1 removed entirely because I really don’t like spiders!), so there’s a note on top to remind me to add back in 3 corresponding squares.  I’m intending to make these into a stacked coins quilt.

Yep, it’s that pile again!  I really am going to get to that rainbow windmill block cushion soon…  I’ve even picked out the inner colours now too.

This somewhat pathetic excuse for a jelly roll is in fact a bunch of strips of Provencal fabric I cut up for a log cabin quilt that I planned when I was there on holiday last summer.  Life just intervened on this I think, but I hope to get to it this year.

Obviously I was having an optimistic summer as regards buying fabric to make quilts, although to be fair, I didn’t expect at the time that August would be taken out of play more or less due to the day job.  I bought these with the idea that I would use them in one of the many sampler QALs that were taking place over the summer, but I just couldn’t work out where to start, and kept getting distracted with other easier things.  I’m now planning to use them for Jenna’s Sew. Happy. Quilt QAL

Now this is the tunic that’s meant to go with the brown cord skirt I made last September.  It became apparent though, that I wasn’t going to have time to make it prior to the skirt’s debut, and somehow I never got around to making it after that.

Last June I made a baby changing bag for my friend Erin, and had, in fact, intended to make 2 at once, with a view to selling the second one.  Taking into account a goal to try and sell more bags this year, I’d better finish this one!  I just hope I can remember what goes where, and what I ran out of that caused me to stop this one in the first place…

Embarrassingly I won this in the Sew Mama Sew giveaway day in May last year.  The Green Bag Lady send me one completed tote to give away, and the fabric to make myself one too (precut).  I put the premade one into my gran’s stocking, I really should get my own one done now!

When I fell in love with Pips last September, I discovered it was already becoming rarer to find, so I bought a couple of charm packs without any particular plan in mind.  Then in late November/early December I had a bit of a brainwave in a meeting at work while looking at a projected spreadsheet and came up with a design.  I then chopped up a bunch of white squares, plus some extra charms from some yardage I had, and got them all laid out one night.  This is the pile, all neatly labelled with the block layout, row and column for each block.  I’ve now got 4 blocks done on it, but haven’t got to taking a photo yet.

Anyway, I have to pick some projects to be done by the end of this quarter, so I’m going for:

  • granny’s scarf 
  • mum’s skirt 
  • Jenna’s QAL 
  • the windmill cushion
  • the tote

I think that’s achievable :o)  Now if any of the rest of you would like to play, sign ups are open until Sunday here.