Now don’t hate me, but as I had my last day off before trudging back to the day job tomorrow (and given the 100mph winds we’ve had, I really may be trudging as the trains have all been screwed up)  I thought I would get some of the FAL things done now, so I could play this weekend.  I’ve actually nearly finished the tote, and will have done later, but I couldn’t be bothered haven’t got as far as sewing on the handles yet, the rest is done.

So here’s my first finish, granny’s scarf.  The purple was described on the label in Mandors as jumbo cord, but it’s actually kind of lots of wee lozenge shapes.  On the outside is a brushed cotton with wee blue flowers, both of which I hope will appeal to her tastes:

Now I’m off to add tote handles and get a skirt pattern worked out…

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