As it’s the first day of the new year, I thought I’d go for a round up of the last year rather than the last month for the Fresh Sewing Day over at Lily’s Quilts.  My years started off crazy busy at the day job, and for the first 3 1/2 months I could barely think straight in my rare hours off (I was working 70+ hour weeks), so the year didn’t start off terribly creatively, however the project ended, and I was released back to a normal work schedule and things picked up from there!

First up, my beary makes of the year:

Sage was my giveaway bear back in February.  Theslow was a commission from my dear friends Lee and Eifion for a mascot for their photography company.  Edward, Woodward and Maple we all done for the bear fair at Rivington.  Bunch was my Easter bunny, now living on my friend Jo’s sofa.  Glinda was made for the Return To Oz blog party (a teeeensy bit late!).  Hoagy was a commission, and Jimney Thistle was created for the raffle at the GYTBE, both arriving in November

For my next trick, it was doll clothes.  Now this all came about when I was trying to dress Glinda, and my friend asked me to make some doll clothes for her daughter’s Bitty Baby whilst I was at it!  Sew Mama Sew has a lot to answer for really, because it was at this point I found hundreds of other sewing blogs and leapt in with both feet making things I’d never done before!

Then, it was time for big girls’ clothes:

I took part in the Summer Of No Pants where I made the polkadot and Riley Blake skirts, as well as the gingham and batik dresses.  I also made my mum a dress for Christmas (in September) and myself a skirt that I’ve worn numerous times (but it a bit big round the waist!)

Then there was the oddest request of the year.  The ruff...

And then there were the swaps…

First up on the swap front was my very first mug rug, which I totally forgot to take a photo of and blog about (I hadn’t quite got the hang of the swap thing at that point ;o) )  Isn’t it funny that Jan the recipient, uses her cutting mat as a background too though?  Then it was the Fluffy Sheep Quilting Mug Rug And Goodie Swap followed by the Sew Happy Geek Table Runner And Wall Hanging Swap.  I got lovely things back in both of these, so glad I found all these Flickr swaps through my bloggy friends!  I also joined in on 5 fabric swaps (well, 6 really, but one’s still in the post).  These turned out to be a fabulous was of building up small pieces of fabric for lots of projects, and I’ve been really diving into them of late.  The 2 rainbows were combined, and duplicates removed, and that pile is destined for a stacked coins style quilt for me.  The rest have found their way into one or two other things already, and I can see lots more uses in their future.  The Echino one was especially fab though, as it’s 10″ squares, and by far the most affordable way to collect fabric from that line!

Then there were bags and purses:

I leapt into the Amy Butler Sew Along partway through the year, and got 7 of the patterns done (just realised I forgot one above, oops!).  I also designed my own baby changing bag for my friend Erin, made from the best little scottie dog fabric.  I also did a tutorial for a zippered pouch for Jenna, at Sew Happy Geek, made my first frame purse from a kit, and then designed my first one for a friend for her birthday.

After that were the pressies:

These included a clutch for my mum (missing from the last mosaic ;o) ), my very first quilt for my gran, made during the Across The Sea Quilt Along with Ellison Lane Quilts and Fairy Face Designs, a sewing kit made for the Sew Mama Sew giveaway day in December, and for Christmas, cushions and a mug rug and hostess box for my gran, a scarf and a pincushion for my mum, and an iPod cover and wall hanging for my dad (I forgot to take a photo of granny’s birds, doh!).

Finally, there were the Bee Blocks:

I joined 2 bees this year, Sew Bee Joyful, which started in September and Piece Bee With you, that started in October.  I also contributed to a couple of charity quilts, Kind Stitches and Quilting For Kids.

Good grief, I was thinking this had been quite an unproductive year, but I think it’s taken me longer to pull this post together than it did to make some of these things!  I do have a few things outstanding though (ahem) so watch out for what will happen with them tomorrow…

Happy New Year!