Okay, I might have officially lost my mind, but I have signed up for the ‘For The Love Of Solids’ swap on Flickr.  It’s not that I don’t think I’ll have time to do it (I have until mid-March to make/post it) but I signed up and then had near heart failure when I realised that this is a swap that has some serious quilting royalty in it.  I mean I kind of knew they would be there, as I’d admired all the stuff on their blogs in the last round, but it was only after I said ‘count me in’ that I realised that I might actually have to making something for one of them – EEEK!  Breathing deeply…

Anywho, here’s my inspiration mosaic that I put up there.  I realise that a lot of these aren’t actually made with only solids, but I wanted to give an idea of techniques and things I liked as much as colours etc.  I apparently freaked Sarah out with the number of circles in here, so she’s probably up there in Shetland, sacrificing a few goats to the quilting gods in the hopes that she doesn’t get lumbered with me ;o)

Katy's Inspiration Mosaic

Now I’ve had a few of you bemoaning the fact that you have huge stashes of fabric to use before you get to buy more, so Katie, over at Swim, Bike, Quilt! has come up with a list of all the Quilt Alongs that are going on right now – there must be at least ONE thing you can use up that stash in :oD