I got a couple of nice things through the post today, along with an offer for a BA credit card, a reminder from National Geographic that my subscription expires in about 5 months, and my Graze box (yum!)

Firstly, Benta offered all her readers the chance to have a lovely bag made by her from her Aboriginal fabric she just brought back with her from Oz.  Please note the text in the circled bit which was under the envelope flap ;o)  (for the hard sighted, it says ‘Hadley’s Turquoise’)

I got this lovely wee bag, a key chain and a nice card, thank you Benta :o)

The other parcel may or may not have been part of someone’s big birthday pressie, but it needs new wrappings for now…

I’m now sitting waiting for quite the pile of fabric to be delivered, so please Mr Postman!