Whew, what a busy week!  Between busy days at work, making the super secret project and creating part of my dad’s birthday pressie in the evenings, going out to dinner on Wednesday night with friends, and spending the weekend with the family at mum and dad’s to celebrate my dad’s 60th and aunt’s 69th (both tomorrow) I’ve not had a chance to catch up with everything I wanted to!  I apologise now if I normally read your blog, but haven’t commented in the last few days, I was trying to play catch up tonight but Windows updater and Kaspersky’s huge update managed to thwart me again – argh!

Anywho, if you recall last week I got my first parcel from Julie, and that its partner had gone walkabout on a scenic route.  Well, I got to pick parcel #2 up on Thursday morning.  It was as beautifully wrapped as the last one, I just didn’t stop to take a photo this time, sorry ;o)

First up is an orphan piece of Pear Tree, plus 3 1/2 yard cuts of Rendezvous, and a couple of charm squares Julie generously threw in as well:

And the last piece of the magic parcel, a fat quarter bundle of the entire Moda’s Half Moon Modern bundle (although the big yellow dots seem to be hiding behind the chevrons!)  This has been billed as a great stash builder line, and I can imagine a lot of uses for it, but all of it’s been folded neatly and put away for now…

My other parcel on Thursday was my prize from Pink Chalk Fabrics (well, the gift certificate I won with a weensy bit of a contribution from me ;o) )  The AMH voiles and Kokka Trefl prints were on sale, and since I had about $5 change on the gift certificate I added 2 of Melody Miller’s new line… There’s 1/2 yard of each, and I can see each pair of fabrics with very different uses!  They are also folded neatly away at the moment though…

When I wasn’t out working, collecting parcels, stuffing my face, partying or finishing off projects I’m not allowed to share with you, I whipped up a cover for the new toy I bought my dad for his birthday.  I was hunting through my stash for the best fabric, and came across this home decor weight print I’d bought in a moving sale last summer.  It’s an orphan print, as I seem to remember it was on a table with other orphans, but I discovered just underneath it a nice Clarke and Clarke light green polka dot which matched perfectly.  

Pretty much all the covers I’ve seen have been ones where the Kindle slides into a sleeve, but I wanted one that opened up and could hold other things.  I will admit now (oh the shame!) that my cover is *whisper* bought.  Yep, I got it before I got into sewing, and you know, much as I love to sew, I don’t quite need to recreate something that functions perfectly well ;o)  Anywho, mine opens up with a hinge at the top, but the pockets in it aren’t really designed for anything more than a card to slide into, so I decided to go with an idea I had pinned last week and have it open like a regular book, but I had to completely redesign from scratch to get a pocket in there, and to get it the right size (since the new ones are smaller than the originals), and get some substantial elastic like the bits in my cover… Well, I kept that it opened like a book and the velcro closing from the pinned one and that was about it lol

It’s now being charged and is ready and waiting for its first compendium of books :oD

Hope everyone’s been having a great week/weekend, and I hope to have caught up tomorrow!