No really, I am, and I know that ‘cos Nicke said so ;o)

I now have to tell you seven things, so lets explore how versatile I can be 7 different creative ways…

1. So today I officially started up the West Central Scotland Modern Quilt Guild.  You know, as you do on an average day…  I was thinking about this before Christmas, or rather, I was thinking it would be nice if there was one, and since there wasn’t, I rounded up my local blogging quilt buddies, did an ‘arm up your back’ persuasion thing (although really Lynz nearly leapt through the screen with excitement, I think she could have tried to kid on, even briefly, that she wasn’t into it to hold onto some dignity ;o) ).  If anyone wants to come and play, we’ll be meeting at Cushion and Cake on Old Dumbarton Road in Glasgow on Wednesday 25th January at 7:30 pm.  Even better, Pamela says she’ll make lots of cake for us!

2. I counted up all the QALs, other ALs, swaps, bees, and other sewy commitments today… I will be making quilt blocks in many sizes, shapes, colours and styles, I will also be making a ‘mystery item’ in the FLTOS swap, plus 4 bags, some pouches and a few other things for the business, taking a curves class and making a skirt for my mum all in the next couple of months.  That actually might not be versatility so much as sheer insanity…

3.  My pinterest boards have 2 main themes, sewing things and cooking/baking.  I pin far more creative things, but on days I catch up with the few cooking boards in my blog feed, invariably those pins get repinned at about 5 times the rate of any creative ones!  As for the people pinning?  Nope, no clue who about 95% of them are lol

4. For my birthday in a few weekends’ time, I get to spend time with my dad and great friend Lee (who I made a mascot bear for last year) doing HDR photography in Liverpool Anglican Cathedral (it’s important to distinguish it from the Mersey Funnel, aka the Metropolitan Catholic Cathedral, google it, you’ll see why ;o) ) .  While I’ve had a play with HDR before, this will be with one of the big guns in HDR photography, so will be very interesting.

5. In March, I get to go on my annual photographic holiday/piss-up long weekend in Ireland with a bunch of very good friends.  The last 5 years have been in Doolin in County Clare, this year we’re moving up the coast a bit to Connemara, the photos that I’ve seen on line of which are fab.  We’ll be staying right by the seaside on the Atlantic coast (although I may forego going for a paddle at that time of year!)  This year, when I get back, I swear I will actually process the photos.  I will also process the photos from last year, and my holiday in Provence last summer, and the summer before that, and my 2 trips to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in the last few months.  I will, I promise!  I want to get the photos on my site updated, or at least added to.  I will also have a return of Jack’s blog to record the bear’s eye view.  I’m sure he can’t wait to reacquaint himself with the Guinness and Jamiesons…

6. In June I get to spend the Jubilee weekend in London with an amazing group of people at the Fat Quarterly Retreat. Can. not. wait.  I have booked in at the Bates’ Motel, worked out with my boss to take the Tuesday off to recover, and I’m mentally packing my bags already!

7.  In October, I’m afraid I have to have an OMG moment!  For my main holiday this year (those were only weekends above) I will be going to the US, to attend Sewing Summit.  After that I’m getting to finally take a photography trip I’ve been wanting to do for about 4 years, and I’m hopping in a campervan to hit the Grand Canyon, Vegas, and a number of other national parks in California, Arizona (to all my beary friends that love to meet up in Sedona, what do you think, are you free?  I can bring a bear :oD), Colorado and Utah (Linda, I’ll be driving through the top corner of New Mexico too)  Guess what’s even better?  I think I’m going to get a road trip buddy too!  I’m pretty sure I’ve sucked Laura into this as well (although we’ll try not to Thelma and Louise off the Grand Canyon, okay?  Not least because it’s pretty early on in our tour ;o) ).  She has warned me about the last time she booked a trip like this with someone that the other someone had some slightly unfortunate occurrences that prevented them from going, but I’m going to be there come hell or high water.  Jack will also be tagging along, ‘cos he needs to get his photos in too, of course!

So how was that, versatile enough a list?

And now for nominees going forward.  Oh dear, I suck at this part, trying to work out who may be reading, and who would actually care!  So here’s who I’m hitting up:

Susan at Canadian Abroad – we decided last night that we must have been separated at birth, but I got the height and she got the hussy ;o)

Cindy at Fluffy Sheep Quilting – Susan’s partner in crime, along with Hadley, for a whole new swap, that I actually managed to resist (well, for this round anyway) for fear of my head exploding…

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