I had a big oopsie when I was doing my Nosey Parker post the other day.  I totally forgot the bears! I think it’s probably because even though you do sew them together, I tend not to think of them as sewing projects so much as a sort of 3D creation.  Anyway, I promised a certain reader that I would rectify that, so here is my beary story of my proudest moments.

When I was at school we were lucky to live near a big teddy bear fair that latterly took place twice a year that was pretty much just up the road from our house.  We went faithfully every time, and always adopted new hug members, however when I went to uni mum and dad moved, there weren’t any fairs nearby, and my bank account couldn’t support a bear habit anyway!  There was one tiny fair that appeared just after I finished uni in East Kilbride, and I was determined to visit.  I blew my entire budget on a pattern and bear makings for a fairly small bear (at 9″), and then was scared to cut into it, having spent what was then a lot of money to me, on something I didn’t want to screw up.  Eventually one day, a couple of years later I bit the bullet and went for it, and Oracle was born.  So here he is, my very first bear:

Over the next few years I tried a number of different patterns by different designers, and when I was in South Africa I was lucky enough to live near a shop that actually sold all things beary, and the owner’s mum (who always manned the shop at weekends when I was there) persuaded me to try designing my own pattern.  With the help of Ted Menten’s Teddy Bear Studio book, I came up with a pattern of my own, but it was 2 years later before I tried to make him.  Here’s Spike, my very first design:

It would be fair to say he’s a little different from Oracle, but he was the forerunner to M&M, who was nominated for a BBAA the following year (for those that weren’t around to read the back story, those are ‘cookie crumbs’ down him after he ate the heart shaped box of cookies):

I haven’t entered another competition since, but I think my other proudest moment was mastering double neck joints and jointed mid-limbs which first appeared on Bearacht, the aging process, that I applied to Edwood and Woodward, and trapunto toes, which first appeared on Bunch, who was also my first bunny:

Hope you enjoyed my beary tour :o)