Okay, I’m hoping one of you wonderful people can help me.  Recently I saw a fab Echo cushion on someone’s blog that was made with co-ordinating solids, and even had a link to where to get them.  For some reason, at the time I was reading it, I wasn’t in a position to note it down, and now I can’t remember where it was – waaah!  I know exactly what I want to do with my fat 16th bundle of it (supplemented by 4 fqs that were missing from the first bundle), but I need some co-ordinating solids to do it, and since I’m lacking a Kona colour card, and the Klona one doesn’t seem to have any matches, I’m at a bit of a loss…  So can anyone remember where it was?  Or does anyone happen to know the co-ordinating yellow, orange, pink, green, navy and grey for this?

**EDIT, I found a few bundles of matching solids at Sew Fresh Fabrics, thanks to everyone that looked**

Okay, now in response to your pleas for help, my diet plan…  I’m doing the South Beach Diet (see the link, or there’s also a book for it that you will find in most book shops).  I will not lie to you, this is not a diet for the faint hearted.  It requires lifestyle changes, and if you can’t make the changes long term then it’s not the diet for you, find another solution (seriously!).  The basis of the diet is that you start off with 2 weeks of no carbs, that is no fruit, limited veg, no pasta, flour, bread, potatoes, alcohol, sugar and a whole pile of other stuff, it is also low fat.  After that you add tiny portions of carbs on a weekly basis, so, say, week one you add in 10-15g per day, and  on week 2 you go up to 20-25g and so on.  In the initial 2 weeks you lose quite a lot, and then it slows as you add the carbs back in.  You’ll eventually reach a week where you don’t lose anything, and at that point you’ve found what your average daily carbs should be to maintain weight.  If you still have weight to lose, you take the carb intake back to the previous week where you lost weight and continue until you reach your goal.  In the maintenance phase (ie forever more) you should remain at roughly the ideal carb intake you found that week you didn’t lose weight, although the end of the world is not nigh if you have an occasional treat, you just compensate for it the next day or so.  It’s all based around your Glycemic index, so if you imagine phase 1 as your ‘system reboot’ phase, phase 2 as your ‘initialising’ phase, and phase 3 as your ‘good to go’ phase, then you should end up with a healthy diet (spot the computer geek here ;o) )
Food wise, there are some things with a lot more carbs in them than you think, so you will gain a whole new appreciation for reading labels, trust me sugar lurks in all sorts of things (ketchup anyone?!)  To give you an idea of some carb levels, a portion of wholemeal pasta (and actually read the side of the packet and weigh out a portion, it’s smaller than you think) has about 50-60g of carbs, regular pasta has even more.  A slice of wholemeal bread has about 20g for a thick slice (as in a thick sliced loaf rather than what you hack off yourself ;o) ).  When you think that the average person should be on about 80 -120g of carbs in a day, that should give you some idea of the choices you will have to make.  On a day (when not in phase 1) that I choose to eat, say, wholewheat penne with pesto and goat’s cheese, during the rest of the day I hold off pretty much on any other carbs with, say, salad for lunch, and a breakfast of cottage cheese whizzed up with 1 tbsp frozen fruit, a little bit of Splenda and some walnuts. 
You also need to exercise.  That doesn’t mean you have to take up half marathons or anything, and initially it will be hard, but if you can take a walk round the block 4-5 times a week and build it up, it will get easier.  How do I know all this?  I’ve done it before.  It works, but I went off piste in the last 4 months or so and carb loaded again (and probably fat loaded too).  Hey, at least I can recognise where I went wrong ;o)  If you want more info, let me know and I can e-mail you a bunch of stuff I pulled together, including a ton of recipes, marked for phase appropriateness and some (although not all) with full nutritional information included.