You will have perhaps noticed that at the start of the year I didn’t rush out with a list of resolutions.  I am not a person that can readily sit down on the 1st of January and say ‘I’m going to lose weight, rush to the gym, learn to dance the fandango and master the art of balancing a ball on the end of my nose’.  I have to want to do things for a better reason than ‘It’s the start of a new year and everyone else is doing it’ (which is, of course, what makes the gyms unbearably crowded for the first month or two of the year!)

Anywho, Ali, at Very Berry Handmade, decided to give out an incentive for coming up with some sewing resolutions, and you know what?  The prospect of possibly winning one of the 11 prizes has perhaps galvanised me a little more in the resolution department… (I’m after the Β£40 voucher from Fancy Moon in case you’re wondering ;o) )

This happens to coincide nicely with a task I’ve had on my to do list now for ooooh, a week and a half or so, so here goes:

  • Attempt to tackle each of the projects that’s on my ‘To Do For Me’ list
  • Definitely tackle every project on my ‘To Do For Others’ list
  • Try not to keep adding to the ‘To Do For Others’ list with quite so much alacrity (see next point, I’m not really being mean!)
  • Attempt to get stock built up for some local craft fairs
  • Learn to sew curves
  • Learn to free motion quilt
  • Start my Christmas pressie making in about June!

I’ll be adding those 2 lists as tabs to the blog shortly, once I’ve completely collated them.

So what are your resolutions?  If you have sewy ones, you too can be in with a chance to win with an extra entry in Ali’s extravaganza.  And if anyone’s learning to do the fandango or balance a ball on their nose, they can teach me next year…