Welcome to the first of the dual purpose Wednesday posts.  Firstly Lee’s Work In Progress Wednesday, and secondly Erin’s Weigh In Wednesday, which is really a work in progress on me rather than the sewing pile! 

For the sewing WIP part: 


My only finish for the week was the Kindle cover for my dad: 

In Progress: 

I got blocks 3 and 4 of the SHQ QAL done last night, and the 5th block done tonight.  Now that we’ve progressed into the more ‘advanced’ blocks we’re moving to one a week rather than 2.  I’m not overly thrilled with all my points, but this is a learning exercise…

Block 3 

Block 4 

Block 5 

I also got another x and + block done for the swap while I was at it: 

To Be Worked On This Week: 

Pattern test # 2 
Bag started at new year 

For the Weigh In part: 

Ugh!  Okay, I knew I wanted to shift some weight after what has basically been bored eating at work, and some unwise choices at home in the past few months.  About 3 years ago I lost 3 1/2 stone (50 lbs/22 kg for those on other measuring systems).  For the most part I was good for the next year and a half, and then I ended up working mad crazy hours for about 8 months at work where I wasn’t getting home to make all my breakfasts/lunches/dinners, and I put some back on again.  I then lost a chunk of it, but as I say, back a few months, unwise choices, and we’ll leave it at that! 

Weight loss goal:  26 lbs / 11.5 kg 

Week’s loss: 0 – just started 

Total loss: 0 

Distance to goal: 26 lbs / 11.5 kg 

Exercise done: Well I ran up the escalator at the station this morning (about 40 steps running) and trudged up the stairs in the office to my floor twice (120 steps x 2) I don’t think walking down them works quite the same!  Plus I went on a lunchtime route march walk.  I have also dug out the Wii Fit and The Biggest Loser so Bob and Gillian can shout at me again, but I’ll be doing that on the days when I don’t have a lunchtime sojourn. 

Total time exercising: 45 mins (well I only started today!)

Sorry Erin, I’m not posting photies, no-one to take them (and no, I’m not setting up the self timer on the camera ;o) )  Maybe at the end I’ll post one… 

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