First up today, is a lovely parcel that arrived today from Jennifer at A Knotted Thread.  I won her giveaway a few weeks ago of some Kate Spain stationary items that she’d stumbled across at Michael’s:

I also got to share the glad tidings that should she browse the scrapbook aisles, she’d find a few more crossover designers!  Isn’t this little haul fab though?  I already have ideas of where to use them, but I need to get the roof problem fixed first (don’t ask!)

Next, the lovely Kay over at Kay’s Kids has tagged me for a Liebster Award.  This award is given to blogs with less than 200 followers and I’m supposed to list the names of five blogs I follow that fall within that category.  Having had a good thunk, I thought I’d boost a few blogs that could do with a bit more love, so here are my choices: 

1. Dianne at Quiltova (who’s having a giveaway right now, bonus!) 

2. Fiona at Celtic Thistle Stitches 

3. My stunted twin Susan at Canadian Abroad (who is also having a giveaway)

4. Fellow WCSMQG member, Lynz at Domestic Light And Magic

5. And another fellow WCSMQG member, Fiona at Poppy Makes

I really wanted to do more, but the rules said 5 *sigh*

The rules are to list the five blogs and make contact by leaving a message in the comment window letting the blog owner know they’ve been tagged. 

Do a post telling who the award came from, copy the rules an choose your 5 recipients, and finally put a copy of the award on the side bar you your blog to be copied by the award recipients.