Some of you may remember that Lucy over at Charm About You had a fugly fabric party recently.  I’ve never not commented so much in my life in order to not end up with some of my bloggy friends’ fugly cast offs, but there was one bundle that I saw that I thought I could actually work with, and amazingly, I won it!

Look at what Alli at B.Yazoo‘s mail fairy sent through to me:

Now in the manner of full disclosure, I should admit that I don’t intend to keep things made with any of these, but here’s what I was thinking for some craft fair stall goodies:

  1. See those 2 on the far right?  I’m seeing those as outer/inner for a cosmetic zippy pouch or two
  2. The zebras and the stripes?  These 2 are actually long quarters, and I’m thinking of combining them for a couple of toy pouches for kids
  3. The poppies on the greeny background, and it’s neighbour to the left (which are red poppies from the same line, although it’s not too clear in the pic)?  I’m seeing as a snappy purse or two as outer and inner
  4. The remaining red will stay in my stash waiting for its day to come :oD

 Thanks Alli :o)