I was going to link up to Rhonda for TGIFF to do the mid- FAL check-in, but I rather missed the cut-off.  Oh well, you’re sick of seeing them already I’m sure!

So that brings me to what I got in the post yesterday.  Err, yes, the quilt show/fabric shop haul wasn’t it for fabric goodness, in fact I’d rather forgotten about one of these parcels, and was surprised to see it when I got home!

Firstly, I got some more knits, this time from Hawthorne Threads.  I’ve loved the Karavan collection from Valori Wells and I was inspired a few weeks ago to get some in knit to make into a dress for me.  I’m planning to use the elephants as the body, with the blue as the sleeves and skirt.  For the grey I’m going to make a basic tee type top.  I’m a little disappointed in the grey, I have to say (nothing to do with Hawthorne Threads I should add!) because I expected it to be grey knit all the way through, but it turned out to be white on the back, meaning the whole colour effect was printed on.  I’m not sure how long it will last without fading, but I’m hoping a wash at 30C will be fine for it…

My second parcel, that I’d forgotten about, came from The Little Fabric Shop, and after a tip off from Amy at Diary Of A Quilter, I grabbed some ‘hidden gems’ in the following forms:

Almost the entire Tufted Tweets collection in 1/2 yards

A couple of half yards of Going Coastal, some Get Together bears, and some Going Places, just ‘cos the cars and mopeds are so fun :o)

I think it’s sod’s law though that the 2 I really NEED to arrive, that have projects fabric for RIGHT NOW that I MUST do, are still leisurely wending their way through the post… :o/