Okay, so those of you who have been hanging out here for the last week or two will know that I’ve not been well.  I have asthma and I have caught the chest infection from hell, that even after high dose steroids and antibiotics, still has not gone away.  Still, I do not do ‘sitting around and putting my feet up’ well.  I have had comments before on my ridiculous productivity of things – you’re right, it’s nuts, but remember that ADHD comment from a few posts ago…? ;o)  Yeah, so I always try to keep going, and seem to overestimate when I’ll be well enough to do things again.  

So it was I found myself at a quilt show in Edinburgh.  I hadn’t realised it was on until the other day when I saw a comment on someone else’s blog, and I thought hey, an hour or two out of the house won’t kill me, right?  (Err, well, we’ll get back to that later).  I think I said after the last one that I wasn’t inclined to go again, given that the show seemed to be aimed at little old ladies, with fabric selections to match, but this time I went with a plan that didn’t include stocking up on the latest lines!

What did I go for?

Well first of all I was looking for some solids for an idea I had for my New York Beauty block

And then I was looking for a number of useful bits and pieces, like a smaller rotary cutter to use with the wee templates that arrived last week (and £6.50 cheaper than I’d found it locally!), blades for both the new one and the bigger one, some more long glass headed pins, a fabric glue stick, 2 spools of King Tut’s Superior thread for quilting, and a pair of gloves (that actually fit my ridiculously small hands) for trying FMQ:

If you can stand the excitement of all that lot, I also looked for, and found, some fabrics for a special secret project, which I’m happy to share with you, as I doubt you’ll have any idea of what it’s for :oD  It’s a lovely bundle of fat quarters of a linen cotton mix, which I found, quite randomly, buried at the bottom of a stand of other bundles that were, um, not to my taste (perhaps I should have taken them out of the wrapping for a better photo, but I was feeling a bit lazy by this point, sorry!)

Next I battled in to another stall with solids, to get binding for my Stained QAL quilt.  I’d taken a bunch of scraps with me to compare and contrast, and the stall holder and I decided this would work best (she was a bit baffled by Innocent Crush though, it didn’t quite fit with her novelty prints/ Thimbleberries/ batiks/ cot panels)

Now while wandering round the first time, I also stumbled across the Karelia House stall.  Funnily enough, although I didn’t realise it until later, I’d actually visited this shop, which is, rather randomly, in the middle of some fields near Kenmore, at the end of Loch Tay.  It’s a lovely location, just a tad unexpected!  Anywho, what should their stall be piled high with, but Oakshott Cottons, which Lynne has recently been raving about.  Oh my, what a selection, and oh, would they make my NYB plans that bit more spectacular…  Well I browsed and I rummaged, you see I had a specific plan in mind colour wise, and the only pack they had that was perfect was £55.  Eeek!  I went away to have a think, consult my inner tightwad, and decided I’d have one more rummage amongst the smaller packs… At this point the lady running the stall either felt sorry for me, or got fed up with me cluttering up her stall, and she offered me the pack for £50 instead.  Sold!  So I brought home this little lot, of which there will be much leftover for other special projects (they’re more vibrant without the plastic wrapping too, you’ll just have to trust me!):

And just to show how nice they are, their bags came with a bunch of wee goodies too:

I decided that was a good time to have a seat and eat some lunch, so I headed into the tea room, where I had a lovely chat with 2 different ladies, both of whom said how nice it was to see someone younger there, and how they were worried patchwork may be dying out.  I was happy to tell them it wasn’t, but I did hold back on saying that if the stalls don’t start to cater to the younger market (and trust me, they really don’t right now) then the shows won’t keep going.  Maybe I should have mentioned it…

My final stop was for batting.  You all know what batting looks like, so I’ll save you a pic, but suffice to say the entertainment value in this purchase was all in watching someone trying to measure out 5 metres of 124″ wide batting from a rather uncooperative roll ;o)  It was worth the £12/metre for that alone lol

Now, as I was out and about already, I’d decided I would also try and spend my Mandor’s voucher that I got a couple of weeks ago on Itison  Last year my friend and I both got vouchers and spent a fun day shopping for dress fabric, this year though, they’d changed the rules, and had sold out before she got home to buy one, so I was on my own…  And here’s what I picked up.  First some kints to try and make a dress like one I saw a colleague sporting recently.  I’m hoping with this and the Sew U Home Stretch book, I can recreate it:

I got some black linen and needles too, but I figure you can imagine those perfectly well ;o)  I then toddled down to the ‘other end’ of the shop and picked up these.  The wellies I’ve been drooling over for a while, which is odd, because they’re half in pink and half in green, and neither are really my favourite colour, but they work together, and I’ve got the perfect use for it now – a welly boot bag, so stop my poor, free-roaming wellies from wandering round the boot of the car. The bunting laminate I just saw yesterday for the first time, and I have the perfect project in mind for it already…

I hauled all my booty home, and then I had just one more thing I wanted to do.  You see I needed the batting for a project I’ve been collecting bits for for a few weeks (much to the bafflement of the flatmate ;o) )  6 sheets of polystyrene insulation, and the remains of my last batting purchase (which handily happened to fit perfectly, and saved me from having to wrestle 5 metres of 124″ wide batting) and I had a design wall – yay!  It was easy to construct, as the insulation sheets slot together, and I used a roll of that reinforced packing tape to hold it all together, so here it is, in all its 54″ x 95″ glory, sporting my Stained QAL top:

So that, ladies and gentleman, was the day when I might have done too much… I’m so frustrated though, because on a regular day, I could have done all of that and about 10 things more – grrrr