Encouraged(?!) by Hadley, I went and had a look at my blog stats.  Now you must understand that I have a total allergy to stats, to the extent that when I was looking for a uni to attend where I was going to do maths and computer science, if the course even mentioned having to do stats in the prospectus, it was ruled out immediately (yes, my deal breakers for a uni were self catering accommodation, a rowing club, a choir and no stats…)

So anyway, having not looked at them before, I was intrigued to see what things were the most popular, what people searched for, and where people came from.  Here’s what I found:

  • Amazingly my first giveaway last January got the most page views, at 1182 views, and 60 comments – wow!
  • Less surprisingly, the Sew Mama Sew one in December got 443 views, but over 1/3 of those people commented, that one must have been more desirable ;o)
  • 4 people have checked out my Foundation Paper Piecing For The Terrified tab and I hadn’t even announced it was there yet :oD
  • My rainbow windmill has had an amazing 125 views in a week o.O
  • My referring sites of all time are a mixture of beary and sewing sites, but in the last month it’s been all sewing ones, my website, and people that have googled me (which surprisingly came second)
  • Now the bit that became amusing was what people had searched for – ‘site:risingtaste.com’ No, I’ve not got a clue either!  ‘Design against fur’ Ummm.  ‘Fimo sprites’ I honestly have no recollection of ever posting about fimo and sprites together, or even about sprites at all!  ‘Cloth purses Canada’  And again, why?!  ‘Boots+mosaic’ and ‘Buckle Moda’ I’m not even going there…
  • And then we came to my lovely audience.  The majority are in the US, as in twice as many as the number 2 spot, which is the UK.  Amazingly Russia comes in at #3 and the Aussies at #4, followed by the Germans, Canadians, French, South Koreans, Dutch and Ukrainians.   
  • The above was the list for all time, but in the last month the Indians and Latvians got in on the action, while the South Koreans and Ukranians faded away…  in the last week the New Zealanders ousted the Indians from the list, and yesterday the Czech Republic and the Belgians came out to play, bumping out the New Zealanders and Latvians.  Allegedly, right now I have a Brazilian, Argentinian and a Swede having a squizz.  My, what a multicultural lot!

So what are your stats like?  Any funnies in there?