So all seams are closed, and Wee Jock is all set to travel down to Blackpool and then on to India on a grand adventure.  This has been an interesting experiment all round – I used a Schulte viscose for the first time, that I picked up from Susan at Bear Basics in Troon last year.  I was also asked to make him a smaller version of Edwood and Woodward, but I didn’t photocopy the pattern and shrink it, I kind of visually shrunk it and played about a bit (I think his legs may be a wee bit big, but don’t tell him that ;o) )  His paws are ultrasuede, his nose is perle cotton and he has glass eyes.  He’s stuffed with bouncifil and glass sand, and with his cotter pin joints quite loose, he’s nice and posable.

Unbelievably, he’s actually only a coupleof inches taller than Jack, but I guess we know who ate all the honey!!!

Speaking of Jack, day 1 of his adventures in Connemara are over here