Casting your mind back a few weeks, regular readers may recall this little sketch appearing, which was my first draft of my For The Love Of Solids Swap main item:

Which all looks fine, until you try and render it in fabric.  Well, until I try and render it in fabric…  I carefully sewed all the curved sections (thanks to Rachel for the sewing tips from the curves class), and then I sewed the sections together.  Oh dear!

Well from this angle, the outside edge looks okay, and the inside edge is, well, fluted I think might best describe it!  Let’s check out another angle:

Err, yes, there’s not an iron in the world that’s going to save this!  So I then moved on to the ‘un-sewing’ phase, followed by the ‘re-sewing’ phase o.O  I actually did it methodically, one seam at a time around the circle.  A couple needed 2 goes at it, but I was getting quite good at the whole un-sewing part…  

Finally I had this:

Look, no more fluted edges! 

Which then led me on to applying it to the cushion…  I did consider piecing it in, but I didn’t have a huge amount of fabric to play with, so I went with sewing it right sides together with double sided interfacing, then turning it inside out and applying it to a panel for the cushion, a process I echoed for the centre circle.  And then I crazy quilted improv quilted it, to give:

Please excuse the shape above, I had to borrow a cushion form from one on my sofa (since you don’t send those as part of the swap) and it wasn’t quite the right size! 

And here’s my final package currently on its way to my partner.  My small items, as it turns out, aren’t that small, but never mind!

Fingers crossed she likes them!