Hi, and welcome to week 4 of:


Foundation Paper Piecing For The Terrified Button

This week we’re tackling those geese that like to go round in circles.  Well be using the Piece By Numbers’ fabulous free pattern for this with the clockwise spin.  You’ll need to print out 5 copies in total, 4 for your bases cutting the seam allowance off, and 1 for your cutting guide.  Also, ignore the fact that I left the seam allowance on the demonstration version, I had a bit of a brain fart on the first one!  I did remember for the next 3 at least ;o):


For this you’ll need to choose 1 colour of fabric for your base, and as many colours as you like for your geese.  For February in Sew Bee Joyful, Gerri asked us to make something with geese using the fabrics she sent, so the stars aligned for this pattern!

I cut out each of my pieces and laid the geese in order by block:


As for our previous blocks, you’ll be taking pieces 1 and 2 for your first block, along with your paper base, to a light source.  Line piece 1 up first, which happens to be a ‘goose’:


Now add piece 2.  Unlike in our previous blocks, our pieces for this block are irregular shapes for the background, so to start with, line piece 2 up as it would be when sewn:


Then very carefully flip the piece over, lining the seam allowances up with piece 1 parallel to the stitching line:


Now pin and stitch in place:


As per the previous weeks’ blocks, fold back along the stitching line and trim the seam allowance to 1/4″:


Then flip piece 2 over along the stitching line and press in place (apologies, I forgot this pic!)

Now take piece 3 and line up as per piece 2, aligning it as it would be stitched first:


Then flip it over and line up with pieces 1 and 2 parallel to the stitching line:


You can see in the photo above, that there’s quite a bit more of piece 3 hanging below the edge of the paper at this point, but because of the angle of the line, this won’t be the case when it’s stitched and pressed in place.

Stitch into place, trim the seam allowance, then flip piece 3 over and press in place (sorry, the white on white is a bit difficult to see):


Continue in the same manner building up piece by piece.  You’ll notice that in the first photo for piece 5, I’m not lined up correctly before flipping to cover the piece entirely, so I had to shift it along a bit before I flipped:













Once you have them all in place, you need to trim the block down to leave a 1/4″ seam allowance all round, but leave the paper on:


Make up your 3 remaining blocks in exactly the same way, then we’re ready to assemble the overall block.

I like to leave the paper on at this point to ensure my seam allowances are correct.  You don’t have to do this, but I found it helped keep them nice and precise.  Start by pinning your two halves together right sides together:


Now stitch down along the very edge of the paper, open out and press.  I find it’s usually easier to press my seams to one side when doing this, to help the centre line up for the whole block:


Repeat with the other half, then stitch the 2 halves together, again following the very edge of the paper all the way along:


Now remove the paper from all the blocks, and press the centre seam:


Turn over, stand back and admire your work :o)


Now Peaced Goods asked me if I was going to cover drawing your own patterns and/or resizing them.  Later in the year I’ll run a ‘drawing your own patterns’ course, but for the resizing, thankfully with paper piecing it’s just a matter of blowing the thing up or shrinking it down on your printer or photocopier!  As you effectively add your own seam allowance as you sew, there’s nothing peculiar that will go wrong, as long as you ignore any seam allowances added round the edges (and trim off on the paper base as I suggested above) since when blown up, or even shrunk down, that added allowance won’t be 1/4″

Don’t forget to link up any creations to the Flickr group :o)