For our final week before it gets to my turn on the New York Beauty QAL, I thought I’d introduce you to a more complex picture block.  Now don’t freak out at the number of pieces in this, there is nothing more complicated than anything you’ve tackled so far, I promise you!

Longer term readers may recall last October I did a block for Sew Bee Joyful for Charlotte that was a rocket.  She’d wanted traditional boys toys and in her inspiration mosaic had this very cool rocket that I tried to replicate.  Annabella then asked for the pattern as she thought her Zaki would love one of these blocks, and I threw in this pattern at the same time, just ‘cos I’d had fun drawing rockets.  I think I was chanelling my inner Wallace and Gromit fan when I dreamt this up :oD  I also found, when I came to make it last weekend that I had the cool starry fabric hidden in my stash from making some fabric Christmas ornaments 5 or 6 years ago, it was obviously a sign that I’d located that stash again recently:


Please note that if you wish to have a freak out, I’m in Ireland till Monday night with none of that there ‘tinternet and, well, the flatmate will be no use to you at all in answering questions while I’m away, sorry about that!