Handmade by Heidi

Okay, the stars have aligned, it’s the FNSI, and I’ve actually remembered not only to sign up for it, but also to participate, go me!  (Have I mentioned the dyslexia and short term memory issues?  You sign up for this thing week(s) in advance, who’s going to remember that?  Well, probably everybody but me, but I digress…)  Anywho, here’s my planned projects for tonight: 

FPPFTT blocks 5 & 6 

Tutorial for Rhonda’s FAL 

The tutorial will probably last me a chunk of Saturday too, but hopefully I can get started on making it tonight.  I already have all the instructions typed up, I just need to follow them and take photos as I go…  For the blocks, I have all the paper pieces cut, so just have to cut the fabric and sew together, and for block 5 I can do it in multi-part stages (ha, bet that’s got you wondering what block 5 is!) 

Last night I got to spend time with my WCSMQG buddies in All Bar One.  Well, with one buddy anyway…  We have our meetings on the 3rd Thursday of the month, but as it was the 15th this month, I think it caught a few folk out!  Still, Linda and I had a nice chat :o)