We have our 3rd WCSMQG meeting tonight, so while we’re propping up the bar ans discussing all things quilty, I’ll leave you to drool over my post from yesterday…

First up, the lovely and generous Lynne sent me some Aurifil monofilament thread after I had asked on her FQ thread announcing the Aurifil sponsorship if they could bring some along for us to try.  Wasn’t that nice of her?

Now I can get to my rainbow road bag.  Well, after I tackle my more urgent to do list for the week…

Then my blocks arrived from the Japanese x and + swap, organised by Sarah.  We sent in a certain number of blocks, in multiples of 5, and got the same number back.  Given my rather insane list of other things to do, I just sent 5, but look at the stunners I got back!!!  Perfect selection Sarah :o)

Now to decide what to do with them… I think this could be a long term WIP.

Finally, when I was ordering my fabric for the massive 5 yard rainbow charm swap that Kati’s organising, I took advantage of the discount Brenda offered participants and did a little stocking up of my own (well you have to when there’s a discount, right? ;o) )

In that pile of half yards, there’s a couple of lovely flannels, a couple of Pezzy prints, a couple of American Jane Punctuation, a couple of Reunion, some Children At Play Paper Hats, some Washi, and unknown computer keyboard type print and some voile.

How wipe that drool up, it’s not good for the keyboard ;o)