Look what I got to rescue from the sorting office this morning: 

This is my For The Love Of Solids received items that came from Jackie (Chloeandme), two rainbow cushion covers, a cute wee zippy pouch, and a bundle of scraps that I haven’t had the heart to untie yet, but which I can see some prized Heather Ross camper vans on the top of, and a wee keyring.  I hope she won’t be too upset that I’m actually going to use that big cushion cover every day to sit on (yes, I know these things are meant to be used, but sometimes just as decor) however it’s the perfect size to hold the booster cushions for my sewing chair (which are currently free-roaming blue foam blocks that I hadn’t got round to covering)  I can then get a small cushion form for the smaller cover and use that on the back – perfect! 

I’ve also managed to meet my goal for this week for Amy’s Creative Side’s weekly challenge, which was to plan and cut out an item for a certain event coming up on Sunday.  I think this pile should be suitably obscure, but if, per chance, you happen to recognise what it’s going to turn into, can you keep it to yourself as the recipient reads this here blog ;o) 

Amy's Creative Side