My mum’s come up to play for the weekend, so tonight I’m over at my gran’s with the starters of a new wee bear (because, you know, I can’t just sit and chat ;o) )  Anyway, here’s what I was up to last night: 

These are my March Sew Bee Joyful blocks.  Jennaasked for 2 blocks which could be absolutely anything we wanted.  Being a bit of a rebel after her QAL and all those HSTs, I just had to go improv…  The first block was a bit of a nightmare, as in my first attempt I’d completely mis calculated the first section and made it too small, which had knock on effects that couldn’t be remedied after I’d done the bottom half o.O  Still, it was a good job I had decided on the mod mosaic for block #2, so I didn’t waste any fabric (we’d been sent some decent sized chunks anyway) – it’s all a learning experience, right?!  It gave me the chance to have a bit of mod mosaic practice too, which is handy, as that’s what I’m planning on using a lot of my rainbow charms for.  When I was cutting up the charms for my rainbow road, I used the leftovers to start off my own blocks, and they’re all sitting patiently in wee bags waiting for some more company.  I used Elizabeth at Oh Fransson’s tutorial for this block, and hopefully Jenna will like them both! 

I also got all the sashing and borders cut for my SHQ quilt, so I shall hopefully get that put together over the weekend some time.

Tomorrow I’m off to Edinburgh for my first lesson on Big Brother – so looking forward to it!