You may have noticed, in the clutter of buttons on my sidebar, that a new button has appeared recently:

stitch tease

A while ago I was very flattered to receive an e-mail from the lovely Di over at Random Thoughts Do Or Di, inviting me to be part of a special international bee with the following ladies:

Hadley at Flying Blind On A Rocket Cycle down in deepest West Sussex
Dianne at Quiltova over in the Czech Republic
Helen at Run, Quilt, Knit, Write over in Switzerland
Danny at Mommy For Reals over in the US
Susan at Canadian Abroad down in Northamptonshire
Di at Random Thoughts Do Or Di over in the US
Annabella at Life’s Rich Pattern over in Morocco 

We will each start by creating a strip or block for our own quilts, and then send it off into the ether to the next person on the list, who will build on it.  Every 6 weeks or so after that, we will create a block or strip for the next person on our list, working in turn until in our last session we will not only create a block or strip but assemble the final quilt.  The thing is, that once we’ve sent off our own strip or block, we don’t get to see what the others have made for us, just a sneak peek or two allowed!  To cut down on postage along the way, we will send our finished strip to the assembler, rather than on to the next person, so that will add to the mystery too, hence the Stitch Tease name.  I actually had suggested Strip Tease, but Di thought we may get some undesirables trying to join our blogs/Flickr group if we went with that, so I toned it down… ;o)

Now here’s my inspiration mosaic for my bee mates:

Stitch Tease Inspiration Mosaic

I’m asking them to create strips to make me a town/village type set up with houses, other buildings, vehicles etc, and with lots of bright, cheery colours, so I can’t wait to see what they come up with.  I need to get thinking about mine too!

We’ve also each bought a piece of fabric to include in each quilt as it passes, and here’s mine:

Katy's Stitch Tease Choice

I thought it would be great fun for fussy cutting to include in either the blocks or signature blocks for my bee mates :o)