It was a busy little week this week, although last night was more than a little frustrating make-wise!  Note to self, measure twice, cut once, oh, and remember the size of the free arm on your machine…

Anywho, early on Friday I’m off to Ireland for a long weekend of photography (and maybe a little drinking) with a great bunch of friends.  We’ve been doing this for several years now, and having completely exhausted Doolin, The Burren, and a large part of County Clare, we’re tackling Connemara this year.  We’re staying on a very remote wee outpost on the Atlantic coast… but thankfully though the pub’s just across the road!  I’ve carefully examined Ryanair’s hand luggage rules, and my snips and needle should be fine, so I shall be working on some hand work on the flight over (to be honest, a good slingshot would get you from Prestwick to Derry, so the fasten seatbelt sign doesn’t ever go off, and neither are you allowed to use those evil electronic devices)  

Alas, wee bear will have to wait till I land, as he requires some heavier duty tools (like the seam ripper to remove all his tacking stitches) so I’ll be working on my name tag for the FQ Retreat swap.  Due to my design being screamingly obvious who it’s for, you won’t actually get to see it until June after the Jubilee weekend when it will have been received, so all I can tell you is that it involved piecing with pieces as small as 3/4″ x 1 1/2″ and will have hand embroidery in 2 colours.  The piecing is done already (successfully, in between my battle with the phone pouches), so I’m thinking the wait for the flight and the actual flight out might take care of it entirely…  

It’ll be good to get the name tag done nicely ahead of schedule, as I feel I’ve been frantically trying to catch up on all my commitments recently – I’ve not missed a deadline, and thankfully my next absolute finish, the NYB block is the only one, other than my bee blocks, that I must do until June, so I’m starting to feel like I can create some things just for me…  Then again, an e-mail dropped into my inbox earlier about the next big thing in blog hops, and I seem to have signed up for something already.  It’s in June too though, so months away, right?  Also, I chose something that’s a great excuse to get going on a project I’ve been planning just for me, and we all know how much I like demolishing all those birds with the one boulder!  Oh, and then there’s the retro flowers QAL I signed up for yesterday, but actually, that was something I wanted to do for me too, and was part of the curves class, so another twofer, or threefer really…

When I get back from Ireland on Monday, Jack will swing into action over on his blog for a few days to share the scenery with you.  Beware, he likes a drink, and my friends are terrible enablers…

Back to those WIPs:


FPPFTT Block 5:

FPPFTT Block 6 – preview will be up on Saturday (cleverly scheduled ;o) )

Rhonda’s FAL clutch tutorial – will be up 5/4

Work phone pouch (aka, the new phone pouch version 1) – please notice I forgot the elastic as well as making it too small o.O

New phone pouch:

iPod pouch:

In Progress:

Wee bear:

Name badge for FQ Retreat 

Hexies for a new cushion – this will be a slow burner, but I’m planning on using the pattern from issue 1 of Fat Quarterly

To be worked on this week:

Wee bear – should be done by next Wednesday I hope…

Name badge for FQ Retreat 

Hexies for th new cushion, maybe, if I’ve finished the 2 above while I’m away

Covered notebook – hopefully tomorrow night to take away with me…

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