I spent yesterday tackling my New York Beauty for tomorrow’s tutorial.  When I first saw my appointed block I immediately saw the centre circle pieces like a sunrise/set with bands of colour, so when I went fabric hunting for it, I did so with a sunrise in mind for the top half and a sunset in mind for the bottom.  This Oakshott bundle (called Sunrise, as it happens) turned out to be perfect for it (although my tightwad side baulked a bit at the purchasing stage, even with a 10% discount lol):

Now to find a home for this block o.O  Maybe it needs to be a mini, hung on my wall…

Today I’ve been basting the Stained Quilt ready for quilting (after mopping the floor first ;o) )  It’s not much of a beast, but the title was too good to resist :oD

Hope you’ve been having a great weekend.