Do you ever have something that you know you HAVE to do in a certain time but you have no idea how to tackle it so you put it off and put it off, and then you’re nearly out of time and you just have to seize that nettle?  Sometimes I see my challenge for my next Bee block and I know exactly what I want to do and how, and other times I get a total, utter mind block.  Last month I was having a few problems with the cat until I realised I was over-thinking (I was also possibly procrastinating because I’m not a cat fan ;o) )  but this month has been a bit of a nightmare for Piece Bee With You.  Kelly asked for blocks with the theme of cold and flu, along the lines of thermometers and medicines and so on, and to be creative with it.  That was when my mental block hit…  I was going to go with lemon and honey, but hadn’t articulated that, and someone else leapt in to pick it.  Then I was thinking of boxes of tissues in some way, and yep, someone else made one like that.  I thought I might still be able to get a lemon in there with some ginger, but that just wasn’t happening, and I was getting a little desperate as I reread the brief and noticed that chicken noodle soup was acceptable.  Hmm, I think I can do a soup bowl, although I’ve never had chicken noodle soup in my life!  Cue frantic drawing late last night and a pattern useable for this evening.  To make up for the rather simple nature of this block, I added a bit of steam, as, obviously, it’s really hot…  Hope it works for you Kelly!