Having done all my flower centres earlier in the week, it was time to hit the curves for my retro flowers.  I know I’d planned this a little earlier in the week, but we’ll just gloss over that, okay?  ;o)  Anyway, I started last night and finally here are my curves all ready to be assembled into flowers:

I went with the pinless method and used my walking foot nice and slowly.  That was the tortuous bit really, not being able to whizz along like I normally do lol  I think I did pretty well as regards getting things lined up.  I had the occasional 1/8th of an inch of the white showing, but to be honest the templates were a bit slippy, so it’s perfectly possibly those outers were slightly too big to start with, as I seemed to get more movement when cutting them.  Now I need to cut the centre squares down to size, and then I see a lot of chain stitching in my future as I make up the flowers.

Tomorrow I’ll be starting to cut into my olive and coral Prince Charming FQs to get started on my first My Precious quilt.  I’ve decided that the smallest 2 circle sizes will be solid fabric, and the ones 4 1/2″ and above will be both pieced and paper pieced to create the taffy effect.  I just chose 3 of the 5 styles to replicate, as 2 were really quite thin slivers, and I didn’t think it would show any of the fabric off to its advantage.  Wish me luck!