At the start of the year, when Rhonda announced her Finish Along, I thought, ha, who needs that, I don’t have any WIPs… Except maybe I did…

My list in January of things I wanted to tackle this quarter looked like this:

  • Scarf for granny
  • Skirt for mum
  • Tote
  • SHQ QAL top
  • Rainbow windmill cushion
How did I do?
Well I got the scarf done by 3rd January (possibly due to Rhonda suggesting there was no way I’d get all of them done ;o) )
I got the tote done the following day:
And had the skirt knocked out by my birthday weekend in February:
I got the quilt top done within a week of the end of the QAL:
And then there’s that blinking windmill!  This is how it looks right now:
That’s how it’s looked since the 12th February *sigh*  Every time I’ve allotted time to quilt it since then, I’ve been thwarted by one thing or another, so there’s only one thing for it, it’ll have to go on next quarter’s list!