I can’t believe we’re over a quarter of the way through the year already o.O  Anyway, seeing as we are, it’s time to list the next quarter’s worth of goals for the Finish Along.   Needless to say, as well as the finishes for the last quarter, I also started a whole ton of other things that I haven’t quite finished… *ahem* 

So here’s my aim for this quarter: 

Get my Stained quilt top basted, quilted and bound in time for granny’s birthday at the start of May 

Get my rainbow road curves made up into the laptop bag I planned it to be 

Turn my FPPFTT block 2 into something, including tute 

Turn my FPPFTT block 3 into a messenger bag 

Turn my FPPFTT block 5 into a cushion cover 

Turn my FPPFTT block 6 into something, including tute 

Finish that fricking, fracking rainbow windmill cushion!!! 

We’ve got a long weekend this weekend for Easter, and there’s another one at the start of May for May Day, so that should give me a good head start, right?