What, not one of you from yesterday are Monty Python fans?  Sheesh…  Anywho, I’m sure you’ll be shocked to learn that I didn’t finish that teapot last night, after getting the last train home…  But I DID get the body sewn up and all the pieces cut out ready to sew, so I tackled that as soon as soon as I got home tonight:

This was my first time trying freezer paper piecing, but I think I could do more, now I’ve got the hang of it.  Rather than remove the freezer paper (that had been predrawn and sent to us with seam allowance included), I drew the seam allowance onto it and just stitched through the paper.  Ayumi’s original tutorial had you remove the paper and draw the seam allowances onto the fabric, but I think I’ve seen others cut the freezer paper without seam allowance to start with, then add on the SA with the fabric, and just leave the freezer paper on while sewing, so I kind of did the best combo I could (given that I didn’t have the original lines of the pattern to work with).

So you may have noticed that mine is the complete reverse of Ayumi’s.  Yeah, that would be because I didn’t see the bit where she irons the paper to the front of the fabric, not the back – oops!  My next problem came because things didn’t seem to be lining up right on the spout side and I just could not work out why.  Now when the pattern came through, Alli said she’d blown it up by 150%.  Can you see where this is going?  Err, yeah, I didn’t until I got all the spout pieces on.  If you’re shouting at the screen ‘The seam allowance also went up by 150%, making it 3/8″ ‘ then you get a gold star.  If not, then, hey, I’m in good company!  Anywho, brute force, ignorance and a bit of trimming and we had a teapot.  Hope this works for you Alli!

Now I have to tackle a new pet, Carl.  Carl is the kind of pet I can give houseroom to all day, no feeding, no cleanup, no nothing, would you like to meet him?  Here he is from Joanna’s blog, and I’m pattern testing him tonight for her.

Here’s the fabrics I grabbed for him.  The dots will be his body with the yellow the stripes on his back, and the other green the background, while the brown is (obviously) the branch he’s standing on: