Okay, I take it all back, this Stained QAL top really did turn into a beast!

I used a flannellette sheet for the backing, thinking it would make it warmer and toastier, but it was a nightmare to feed through my machine – the feed dogs just weren’t that keen to grip it, even with the walking foot.  It would be fair to say I had several wrestling matches between Sunday night and last night to get to this stage!  I had happily declared weeks ago that I was going for organic wavy line quilting – just as well, because I’m not sure I could have done a straight line to save myself!  I completely eyeballed the spacing (adding to the organicness you know ;o) ) and although I had a brief mental dalliance with making it organic wavy cross hatching, I got a grip on myself ;o)

Now I’ve got the binding on, and it’s just jumped into the washing machine with 3 colour catchers – fingers crossed that pinky/purply binding doesn’t give me a stained pinky/purply quilt!